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Green Energy

Electricity rates across much of the country recently jumped 10%. With escalating energy prices, you can well imagine what will electricity cost in next 10 to 20 years? Investment in Solar Guarantee your future 20-25 years costs today.
If you act quickly you can lock in huge utility payback rates for up to 25 years. By investing in Solar your utility pays you rather you pay for your utility bill by adopting Net Metering facility we offer.

Save Money

Investment in Solar System can eliminate your electric bill. Solar systems can eliminate your entire utility bill or even generate additional income by installing larger solar system. Solar systems add value to your Properties. Appraisers value PV systems at 15 to 20 times the amount of annual electrical savings.
By investing in Solar System you can Lock in your energy costs. Current utility rates have increased roughly 7.5% per year for the last two decades, and with the increasing pressure on carbon reduction.
The power your solar system generates and operate for decades remains stable while grid power costs will continue to rise with oil prices and other market impacts.

Envirmental Benefits

The amount of solar radiation striking the earth every 72 hours is equivalent to all the energy stored in the planet’s coal, oil, and natural gas reserves combined.

Solar is a Local Sustainable Energy Solution

By going solar, you generate your home’s power directly where you use it. The clean and renewable electricity you are producing doesn’t just benefit your household, it benefits the community. By converting to solar, you reduce the demand for coal and other fossil fuels that would otherwise need to be extracted from the earth and transported long-distances to huge power stations. Electricity transmission and distribution losses in the US are estimated at over 7%.

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The choice to go solar was very simple. We knew we were going to save a lot of money. Period.

Asad, K.E

Overall, we were very happy with the service. The Solar Company made the whole process painless. We would definitely recommend them.

uzair, SSGC

The choice to go solar was very simple. We knew we were going to save a lot of money. Period.

Raheela, XYZ
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