Rapid Power an established Renewable Energy Company working for betterment of the environment and overall wellbeing of our country. Every day, the sun delivers energy to the earth free of charge. We can use this free energy thanks to a technology called photovoltaic, which converts the sun’s energy into electricity. Photovoltaic modules or panels are made of semiconductors that allow sunlight to be converted directly into electricity. These modules can provide us with a safe, reliable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly source of power for a very long time. Most modules on the market today comes with warranties of 25 years, and will perform much longer. Millions of systems have been installed worldwide, in sizes ranging from a fraction of a watt to multi-megawatts. For many applications, solar electric systems are not only cost-effective; they may also be the least expensive option.

Our Vision

To be an innovative and competitive green energy company providing complete and comprehensive cost-effective solutions. To maximize green energy generation to resolve energy crises of the country.


To be a leading green energy company providing quality products and services at competitive prices. Making solar power accessible and affordable for everyone.